Praise for Exploring Your Options

Have bought all most all of Wendy’s trading manuals. Bought this to see what she had to say to newbies. Was not disappointed. Great review. Bought the hard copy then invested in a Kindle because I couldn’t read the charts. You NEED the color addition. Great book, Wendy. Not disappointed.
1) Excellent charts and examples, especially in are full color and legible unlike many options books.

2) Love the supportive "can do" mindset and reinforcement that options trading is not beyond the average person's capabilities with some study and perseverance.

The bonus... Kudos for the section which shared a website that is excellent for finding good trade candidates, that alone is a huge value add in this book.
Very convincing arguments persuading the skeptics on the power of option trading, the odds and rates of successful are in your favor especially when you learned how to read the Technical Analysis.

Well worth a read and pursue.
I've been a part of the chatroom for a year now and absolutely love it. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. I've learned quite a bit over the past year, and still learning more now. I especially have enjoyed the 5-minute day trading. I can't be in the chats every day, but when I am, I enjoy the camaraderie of everyone there. Getting and giving tips. It's a great place for learning and being with others who have the same interests in trading.
Wendy is a dedicated teacher of options to those unfamiliar with options trading. She has several systems based on her PS+/PS-. indicators. What I consider unique with Wendy is that she often makes herself available via a chat room to help "students" learn about options and to answer questions about her "systems" and option trading. Wendy is available during the week and helps her students with understanding options and trading her systems. This many eyes approach to finding setups helps student zero in on trade ideas.

Overall, Wendy has created a friendly, supportive, learning environment for people trading options.
H. S.

Praise for Perfect Storm

Most books are all “bun” and very little “meat.” This one is a big fat juicy burger.

In a world of traders that flip from this to that approach constantly, it was refreshing that you still use the same basic methods that you devised in your pink book years ago. It seems that you’ve improved them much further, and your option selection method and rules alone are worth the price of admission. Impressive!
I'm an active 93-year old guy who likes to keep things simple, easy to do and comfortably understandable. And to me, the new "color edition" of Wendy Kirkland's and her perceptibly savvy daughter Kim's "Perfect Storm Trading" book is just that!

What's more, Wendy explains how trading options really begins with you, how you think and what to do to successfully move forward with positive expectations to make it happen. I sure needed that and perhaps it may give many others a push in the right direction. The book then focuses on trading options and presents an outstanding system (some of it referred to as the P3) that can easily be used with most any Stock, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) or Index that is optionable.

To me, Wendy's System seems like finding the Holy Grail to produce winning trades in abundance. Moreover, Wendy's easy-to-understand trading system is enhanced by the many color charts she uses to find potential winners...makes it easy to follow explanations. Wendy (a great teacher) clearly explains how her system can be used in any timeframe for day or swing trading. Although I haven't made a million yet, I'm having a lot of fun with this system and giving the "Perfect Storm Trading" book a sparkling 5-Star Rating!
Great book well laid out and explained. Each chapter is explained and backed up with colour charts as well. Thank you, Wendy.
I highly recommend Wendy's book - "Perfect Storm Trading." It's her best explanation yet of the PS+ and PS- formations, I think.
You have been so helpful to me over the past 4 months in the chatroom, getting me prepared to face the market and stock chart setups.

You are the most helpful person I have ever worked with for understanding the chart setups! I will continue to join the chat room.

Now I need to get my own trades out too! I will get into the game of doing that and posting my trades - both paper and real.

Thanks again for all of your assistance and guidance!