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When you become a LYO Chatroom member, you’ll be connected with peers who have a wide range of options trading experience. You’ll immediately feel at ease to ask questions, share experiences, and follow the minute-by-minute, action-packed discussion of the market. Throughout the day, you can expect Wendy and Leslie to pop in and offer their insights and share successfully completed trades for your continued education. You’ll always have them to rely on for support as you grow as an options trader!

An added bonus of becoming a LYO Chatroom member is the motivation you receive from your entire collective community. Some days it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged. As a member, you have access and connection to like-minded individuals throughout the trading day. Other options traders are only a click away! In the LYO Chatroom, we create fellowship, camaraderie, support, and friendship as well as a place for continued growth, education, and sharing.

Investing is risky and can result in losses. Nothing presented in the chatroom is financial advice or recommendations. The discussion in the chatroom is for educational purposes only. We are here to help support and encourage each other by being a positive trading community.

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