Wendy experienced a significant downfall when her shop and its inventory were severely damaged as the result of a flood. Seeking a way to replenish and reopen, she managed to pull herself out of the hole with options trading. Through her generosity of spirit, she wanted to teach others how to do the same. If she could do it, she could help others do it. Love Your Options makes options trading an understandable investing venture for anyone willing to learn our methods. Our mission is to teach anyone that they can experience financial freedom and personal happiness regardless of education, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and age.


Wendy and the Love Your Options team envision a future where it’s common knowledge that anyone can find financial freedom—not just the members of the Wall Street “boys’ club.” They aspire to be the leading resource for options trading education to help others learn to love their options.


Wendy values positivity and personal growth. She’s an egalitarian who believes everyone deserves economic freedom and happiness. She finds joy in helping, teaching, and motivating others. Her efforts to decode needlessly complicated books, identify patterns, and find a way to make money while building confidence have given her the tools to successfully help others become financially independent.

“You are in exactly the right place, attracting the right people, and life is getting better and better every day.”

– Wendy Kirkland