Momentum Monday

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Start your week with the Momentum Monday weekly subscription, packed with Wendy’s signature positivity messages. Discover how to add the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) to your trading strategy and decide when to enter and exit a trade based on current overbought and oversold conditions. Additionally, Wendy will provide one unique, actionable trade candidate for your review in every Momentum Monday issue!

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Momentum Monday Newsletter

True Strength Tuesday

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Find out how to review and act upon pricing changes in the True Strength Tuesday issue. This weekly publication will illustrate all of the actionable information that can be derived from the Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) of different time frames. Wendy will demonstrate how to analyze short and long-term trends with this valuable indicator. Wendy reveals the inner strength it takes to be a successful options trader and avoid reactive trading. In addition, she will provide one unique, actionable trade candidate for your review in every issue!

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True Strength Tuesday Newsletter

Wonderful Wednesday

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Make every Wednesday a Wonderful Wednesday with the mid-week subscription selection. Explore the Average Directional Index (ADX), one of two indicators that Wendy uses on every chart, and uncover how she utilizes the directional indicator lines (DI) with the ADX to determine the strength of any trend on any chart. Beat the mid-week slump with self-care tips from Wendy and one unique, actionable trade candidate for your consideration!

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Wonderful Wednesday Newsletter

Thunderbolt Thursday

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Discover how to super-charge your trades with one of Wendy’s favorite indicators in the Thunderbolt Thursday issue. Uncover why Wendy uses the Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO), one of two indicators, on every chart. Get Wendy’s signature weekly recommendation for ways to energize your own trading. Additionally, Wendy will provide one unique, actionable trade candidate for your review in every issue!

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Thunderbolt Thursday Newsletter

Financial Freedom Friday

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You’re closer to making financial freedom your reality by subscribing to the weekly Financial Freedom Friday newsletter. End your workweek with a review from Wendy of the True Strength Indicator to evaluate market trends and watch for divergence indicating that change is on the horizon. You’ll also receive an inspirational message on how setting an expectation of personal abundance creates a mindset leading to financial freedom. You’ll also get one unique, actionable trade candidate from Wendy for your review in every issue!

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Financial Freedom Friday Newsletter

The Work Week Bundle

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What makes cents on your path to financial freedom? At Love Your Options, we think it’s a combination of personal time invested and the quality of the tools you take on your journey. Our newsletters are designed to educate, encourage, and sustain your growth as you learn how to trade options. With our Newsletter Bundle, you’ll receive five weekly newsletters with expert tips, motivational wisdom, and a daily actionable trade candidate you can turn into personal wealth and abundance.

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The Work Week Bundle Newsletters

Charting Your Success

Actionable insights every Wednesday

It helps to have a compass when you’re Charting Your Success. In this weekly newsletter, Wendy provides a combination of tips and tricks to expand the options trading skills you’ve learned from The Perfect Storm with more actionable insights. Each Wednesday’s issue of this weekly newsletter will include a list of her observations of real patterns occurring in current 30-60 minute charts. Combined with one of Wendy’s signature positive affirmations, it’s never been easier to find your financial freedom.

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