Exploring Your Options Video Tutorials

By Wendy Kirkland with Kim Kirkland Bellofatto

We encourage you to purchase this 80-minute series of nine video tutorials as a supplement to the content covered in Exploring Your Options: Charting Your Own Path to Prosperity, by Wendy Kirkland with Kim Kirkland Bellofatto. From introducing stock options to expanding on calls and puts, option chains, candlesticks, and indicators, Wendy uses understandable explanations and real world examples to help you gain functional understanding of options trading at a basic level. The concepts covered in these tutorial videos include supporting content for the following Exploring Your Options chapters:

  • What Exactly is an Option?
  • Calls and Puts – Our Two Options
  • Price Has Memories that Can Hold It in Place
  • Which Expiration Should You Buy and How Much Should You Pay?
  • Candles Tell Their Own Story
  • Price Has Memory
  • A Good Indication


Video Tutorials